, NHL Light Switch Cover Plate, Washington Capitals 3-Gang

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What is the Bruins’ projected 2021-22 NHL season point total? originally appeared on NBC Sports BostonBuffalo Sabres 1-Gang

"This isn't just a Dallas-Fort Worth reach. This is a global reach. The NHL is a very global sport. Look at our team. Very international roster," said Alberts of the Stars. "So I think European companies are definitely approaching [us] on this. Finding this sponsor will be very different than how we sell dasher boards. That's a very local flair."Washington Capitals 3-Gang

Eichel and the Sabres disagree over how to treat the injury, with the player favoring having artificial disk replacement surgery. The Sabres are against him having the procedure because it has never been performed on an NHL player.


Grade: C+. The Hurricanes were never going to hand Hamilton the $9 million annually that he received from the Devils. They hoped he wouldn't find the grass was greener elsewhere, but he ended up finding that meadow from "The Sound of Music," and Carolina lost its elite offensive defenseman. But if they're going to lose anyone, let it be from the deepest part of their team that got even deeper in the offseason -- although that spree included the repellent, bargain-basement addition of DeAngelo, aka how to squander the goodwill of fans with one signing.Philadelphia Flyers 3-Gang

Remaining hole: Figuring out how to replace one of the NHL's top checking lines, which could be something that falls to Perry and returning center Ross Colton.

From the Bruins' perspective, they need more consistency from DeBrusk. Scoring depth in the bottom-six has plagued the B's for the last several seasons. One way for that issue not to be a factor next season is DeBrusk being a more reliable scorer.Toronto Maple Leafs 3-Gang

Eventually, Marc-Andre Fleury decided to play for the Blackhawks after they traded for him. For whatever reason, the Blackhawks allowed a nice young player in Pius Suter walk. They traded Duncan Keith, and also coughed up Adam Boqvist during the Seth Jones courting process.

NHL Light Switch Cover Plate
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